‘Glee’-view: Join the ‘Dynamic Duets’ Conversation!

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Since we gave you a preview of “Glease” last week, we felt the need to give you a Glee-view (get it? Like preview, but more cheesy clever.) once again because tonight’s episode is super special, too. [Emphasis on the ‘super.’] Read on for everything you need to know before the show starts, then make sure to join the conversation on our Glee message board!

New Directions’ Nationals trophy is stolen! And we think we know just who to blame… No, it’s not Sebastian.

The Jake-Marley-Ryder love triangle is on! Our favorite line: “Nothing says I’m a bad-ass like a Razor scooter.”

The performances are lookin’ good. Watch the Warblers cover “Dark Side” here:

NOTE: Quinn will not be returning for this episode. Although she told us exclusively that she’ll be involved in the Thanksgiving show, that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving IRL. In the world of Glee, Turkey Day won’t be until next Thursday, November 29. That also means that…


“Gangnam Style” isn’t happening until then either since that’s also set for “Thanksgiving.” UGH! What gives, Ryan Murphy?!

Is Klaine Reuniting for Christmas?!