O-M-Glee! Jesse’s Coming Back! But Will He Try to Break Up Finchel?

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After, like, a month hiatus, the Glee updates are pouring in. We just heard yesterday about the Rachel & Quinn hook up rumors. (Yes, it took us by surprise, too.) Now, the Finchel love may be interrupted by another one of their exes — Jesse St. James! It’s just been confirmed that Jonathan Groff will return to the show as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline! Will he return for Rachel as well? And if that’s not enough to get your heart pumping…

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The graduating seniors don’t have to leave the show! According to E!, Ryan Murphy says:

“I think that just because people graduate, doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the Glee world. A lot of it will depend on the actors and what they feel that have left in them. [And] because so many kids are graduating this year, I wanted to go back to what the pilot was.”

Wait, does this mean more Broadway numbers? Meh. Whatever. At least that means there’s still a possibility of our faves returning next season! What do you think of Season 3 so far? Think Ryan’s making the right decisions? Let the comments commence in 3… 2… 1… Go!