O-M-Glee! Some Gleeks Will Graduate Next Year And We’re Not Happy About It

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Just like in real life, the Gleeks’ four years at McKinley High School have to come to an end eventually. And unlike having our fave gleeks “in high school for eight years,” on TV, Ryan Murphy is going to have them graduate, just like the rest of us. Which means we might soon be seeing the end of Rachel, Puck, Finn and more fave New Directions’ in season 3! Wah! So, who’s getting the boot? And what does this mean for Glee?!

Well, we don’t yet know who’s in and who’s out….yet. But according to TVLine:

“This next [season] will be their senior year, and then that [they] will graduate. We didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for eight years,” he explained. “We really wanted to be true to that experience.”

Which means that while some gleeks are leaving, other newbies will be replacing them on the show, “a few in the fall, and a couple more at midseason.” We like this idea and all, but we know we’re going to miss the original cast oh-so-much!

Will you watch Glee with an all-new cast? Which characters will you miss the most when they graduate? Tell us here!