O-M-Glee! Season 3 Brings Big Things for Tina, Mike, Mercedes…And Sue!

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It’s still, like, 3 months until Glee comes back in the Fall, but the season 3 spoilers have been trickling in slowly but surely. Um, did you read this graduation bombshell? And now Ryan Murphy spilled lots more deets to TVLine.com, including what’s ahead for some of the show’s main characters, who might not be coming back on the show, and that Glee could be getting…a spinoff?

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According to TVLine.com:

1. Season 3 will be about the “characters, characters, characters.” Which, according to Ryan Murphy, means fewer songs, only one musical tribute episode (but it’ s a biggie!), and zero guest stars. And Mike and Tina and Mercedes have “amazing and fascinating” stories to come this season.
2. Sue Sylvester is getting a love interest. And also? She’s running for…Congress? We’re interested to see how she’ll set out to destroy the Country rather than just the glee club. Oh yeah, and she’s also getting a new arch enemy in the form of The Glee Project winner…
3. We don’t which newbies will come back for season 3 and which won’t. Darren Criss, Ashley Fink and Chord Overstreet are all probablys but still in limbo!
4. We don’t know which New Directions will graduate and which won’t. But even Ryan Murphy admits that Brittany is pulling straight F’s…
5. Don’t rule out a Glee spinoff! Ryan says that a show about the original cast — Rachel, Kurt and more — moving to NYC and fulfilling their Broadway dreams is not out of the question. Yes.

What are you most excited to see in season 3? What would be your dream storyline for the show’s main characters? Any guesses on who the big tribute episode will be to? Tell us in the comments, gleeks!