Bieste Gets a Boyfriend! Santana Gets a Girlfriend! O-M-Glee, So Many Deets!

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Just when we thought there was little room for improvement on Glee season 3 (hello, “Asian F”!), we found out this. 1. Bieste is getting a boyfriend. 2. Santana is getting a girlfriend. 3. Kurt is gonna have sex. OMGAH. This is getting good. Read below for all the deets!

1. Bieste is getting a boyfriend. Remember when Bieste had her first kiss ever with Mr. Schue during season 2? Well, she better brush up on her makeout skills, because Shannon’s getting an official boyf! TVLine is saying that she’ll be given the romantic presence of “Johnny, a football recruiter who comes scouting for talent at McKinley” and falls for Coach Bieste in the process.
2. Santana is getting a girlfriend. And guess what? It’s Brittany, bitches! Yup, you Brittana fans can rest easy now, because E! Online reports that the two are “officially a couple as of episode four.”
3. Kurt is gonna lose his V-card. Um, duh, he’s gonna sleep with Blaine (we’re jeal), but apparently the first time isn’t going to go down as romantically as one would hope. We hear there’s going to be alcohol involved. We all know what happened last time when the gleeks got drunk

New eps of Glee start up again on November 1! Which of these three things makes you the most excited? What else do you hope happens in the coming eps? Tell us in the comments!