O-M-Glee! All the Spoilers You Need Before the Season 3 Premiere!

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GleeLet the countdown begin! We’ve been updating you all summer on all the Glee goss as we’ve heard it. But with only three — yes, three — days till the premiere, we’ll not only give you the biggest spoilers yet, we’ll also dish out ALL of the secrets we’ve gathered throughout the entire Glee hiatus.

So if you don’t wanna know whether or not Blaine transfers to McKinley, or when The Glee Project kids are arriving, we’d advise you NOT to click on. But come on now, we know you’re dying to check it out…

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First things first, we already know that Chord Overstreet “quit” the show, so no more Sam. And Zizes leaves New Directions (and breaks up with Puck!). But what we didn’t know was that Quinn and Santana are leaving the glee club, too! According to Perez Hilton:

“Quinn has also left the New Directions to go in a, well, very new direction. She’s got pink hair, and questionable tattoo of her new “idol.” …Santana gets the boot. Her Sue-scheming ways have finally landed her on the outs with Mr. Schue.”

WHAT?! On the one plus side, Perez also says that Blaine ends up transferring to McKinley (finally!), and The Glee Project‘s Lindsay Pierce has a showdown with Lea Michele‘s character, Rachel Berry. Love it! Here are the rest of the spoilers we found out this summer:

1. New Directions will perform “We Got the Beat” on the premiere ep! Sounds good so far…
2. We have to say buh-bye to Charice (aka Sunshine Corazon). Maybe this is why?
3. Our pretend boyf, Darren Criss, will be in the third season, but may be outskies for the first few eps… due to Broadway!
4. Mercedes clearly moves on from that awkward hand-holding moment with Sam, and has a brand new footballer BF!
5. But along with a new jock, comes new mean girls to the scene. Looks like Santana has some not-so-friendly competition.
6. Mike and Tina supposedly have “amazing and fascinating” stories to come.
7. Santana may or may not open up about her sexuality.
8. Out of all the guest stars, only Rachel’s biological mama is set to come back as of yet. But we love us some Idina Menzel, so you won’t hear any complaints from us.
9. Brittany’s storyline‘s gonna be amazeballs.
10. And, so far, three of our faves are set to graduate!

Phew! Was that everything? Probs not. But hey, if we told you everything, then you wouldn’t have to watch the show! Who’s setting their alarms for 8pm on Tuesday the 20th?! What storyline are you most looking forward to? Spill all your gleeky excitement here!