Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Glee Sectionals Season 3
We had really high hopes for last night’s Glee, “Hold on to Sixteen,” mainly because Chord Overstreet returned, but also because it was sectionals. Kind of a huge deal. And we’ve gotta say, the songs they sang were pretty freakin’ awesome. “Survivor?” OMG! But the storylines? Most of ’em were just plain ridiculous. Hence why we’re going to tell you the 5 things that happened on the episode that are pretty unrealistic. And we’re dying to know if you agree…

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1. Quinn is nice all of a sudden. Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that Quinn wanted to sabotage Shelby and steal Beth away from her? Yes. And now, she opted out of telling Figgins about Shelby’s affair with Puck in order to be nice (with urging from Rachel, but still). And even nicer? She basically invited the Troubletones to sing with New Directions for the rest of the school year to “make the most of our senior year.” Um, what? Is Quinn bipolar or something?Glee Quinn Hold Onto Sixteen
2. Sam works as a stripper. Rachel and Finn head to Kentucky to try to urge Sam to come back to McKinley — but it takes convincing to get him to leave his high-paying job as a, uh, male dancer. Isn’t it illegal for everyone people under 18 to strip? And how exactly did Finchel get into the bar that is so clearly for 21 and over? Makes no sense. But regardless, it workedSam Stripper Glee Season 3
3. Sam tells New Directions that they need to use sex appeal in order to win sectionals, but Blaine is just not having it. He’s used to winning on talent alone when he was a Warbler, you guys. But leave it to Finn (possibly the most annoying character this season) to tell Blaine that they need him to win the competish and that he should do whatever it takes. Our point here? Blaine’s outburst in the gym was so random and unlike him.Finn Blaine Hold Onto Sixteen
4. Tina talks to Mike’s dad about how passionate he is about dancing. It’s sort of weird for Tina to get all up in Mike’s business, but the strangest part about it all was that she literally showed up at Dad’s office (ya know, the Dad that wants Mike to be a doctor). How did Tina know where he worked? How’d she get in? Did she just leave school to do that? We’re confused. But nonetheless her efforts worked, since Dad showed up to sectionals and agreed that Mike should apply to dancing schools to pursue his dream. Phew.Glee Hold  onto Sixteen Mike and Tina
5. New Directions wins sectionals — even without Rachel. Come on. We all know Rach is the shining star of that group. But somehow ND still won with lead vocals from Tina, Blaine, Kurt and Quinn. We’re happy and all, but wasn’t the Troubletones’ performance way better? And wait, how come New Directions sang 3 songs but the other groups only sang one each? We demand a recount! Glee Troubletones Sectionals

What did you think of the episode? What was the most realistic or unrealistic thing about it? Are you glad Sam’s back? Will the Troubletones eventually rejoin New Directions? The comments await!