O-M-Glee! More Katy Perry Covers! Plus, Does Brittana Finally Make Their Love Offish?!

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As much as it super-sucked that there was no new ep of Glee this week (due to Thanksgiving, so we’re not gonna complain too much), we’re seriously on the edges of our seats waiting for next week’s “I Kissed A Girl” episode. The main reason: Brittana! Do you see the pic to the left?! Okay, so it could just be a friendly hug, but we think these two are so officially a couple. And to make things even better, the gleeks are performing another Katy Perry song! Though we’re kinda bummed Blaine isn’t singing it this time.

Watch the full performance of “I Kissed A Girl” below!

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Catch the all-new ep next Tuesday at 8pm on FOX! WDYT about “I Kissed A Girl” so far? Remember when Tina tried out for the glee club with the same song way back in Season 1? Are you rooting for Brittana? Tell us!