5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Love was certainly in the air last night on Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode, “Hearts”, and we totally felt the love, gleeks. And no, not just because Mercedes coincidentally sung a Whitney Houston song just days after her death — creepy! But because we feel like the storylines were pretty legit this week and the romance was very-much needed. But hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t think that half the stuff that went down is super unrealistic. Keep reading and see if you happen to agree…

1. Sugar, aka that really annoying new girl in glee club, is throwing a Valentine’s Day party at Breadsticks, but since it’s couples only, the singletons are scrambling to find a date. Artie and Rory all of a sudden have this huge crush on her, so they try to win her over via song and gifts (a real puppy, Rory? REALLY?), but Sugar eventch chooses Rory since she feels bad for him for getting his Visa denied and having to report back to Ireland. Um, or does he…



2. We meet Rachel’s dads for the first time and they’re freakin’ amazing. They pretty much pretend to be thrilled about Finchel’s upcoming nuptials, but after dinner with Finn’s mom and stepdad, all the parents decide that Rachel and Finn should have a sleepover, basically so they’d fight and postpone the wedding a few, um, years. But the plan backfires and Rachel and Finn decide they want to get married sooner..in May, right after regionals. Come on, how unrealistic. Couldn’t they at least wait till June post graduation?!


3. Joseph, aka Samuel from The Glee Project makes his debut as a hippie and devout Christian member of the God Squad, which apparently is run by Mercedes, Quinn and Sam? Who knew that even existed. They take it upon themselves to deliver “Vocal Valentines” to students, but when Santana asks to give one to Brittany, Joe is um, let’s just say he’s as uncomfortable with it as Figgins is. But they eventually sing one at Sugar Shack and all is good in the world (and all got better when Blaine showed up and sang “Love Shack.” Just sayin’).


4. Meanwhile, with Blaine still on sick leave (aka Broadway leave IRL), Kurt is all depressed that he doesn’t have a Valentine around, but the messages he’s been getting from his Secret Admirer in a gorilla suit cheer him up. That is until he learns that the gorilla is KAROFSKY (!!!), who magically got a crush on him after switching out of McKinley. Here are our questions — One, why would David do that in public if he’s not out yet, two, how the heck did he get into McKinley if he’s no longer a student there, and three, um, WTF?!kurt-secret-admirer-karofsky
5. Mercedes tells Sam that she told Shane what happened between them, and so Shane breaks up with her. Sam is all happy because now they can be together and stuff, but Mercedes tell Sam she just needs time alone because being with Sam reminds her of the cheating and the bad person she became. Fine, this is kinda realistic, but let’s be honest — who breaks up with two guys…on Valentine’s Day?!


What did you think of the Vday ep? Did you love it? Which couple’s storyline was your fave this week? Think Karofsky will become between Kurt and Blaine? So many questions! Leave us your answers in the comments!

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