Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Won’t Happen IRL

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Glee Grease Season 3


We just gotta say, we’re really happy that Glee is back, and also we’re really happy with the songs they did last night. For realz, wasn’t that Grease number epic?! But as we usually do in our recaps, we can’t talk about last night’s episode, “Yes/No,” without mentioning the most unrealistic things that happened at McKinley High. And we bet you can guess what’s going to top our list…

1. Becky asks Artie out on a date and he doesn’t like her, then he does, then he doesn’t. It was pretty cute seeing the, uh, romantic side of Sue’s sidekick, Becky, on last night’s ep, but we were just a tad bit weirded out by her whole crush-on-Artie thing. Come on. Did they really have to get the only two handicapped people in the whole school to go on a date? But then again, that might be more realisitc than Artie dating Brittany…

Artie Becky Date Glee


2. Sam joins the synchronized swimming team. In Sam’s effort to win Mercedes back and get her to break up with Shane, he decides to join the only team at school that has an opening — the synchronized swimming team — to get her to like him. There are so many things weird about this situation that we don’t know where to begin, but the good part of this? More shirtless Trouty Mouth scenes to come. Yes.

Glee Yes no Sam Swim Club


3. Will and Emma get engaged. But not before Will rethinks his decision to marry Emma since her OCD could get in the way of their happiness in the future. But after convincing (and a little help) from New Directions, Will proposes to Emma to “We Found Love,” complete with synchronized swimming and 1950’s bathing suits. And it was pretty gosh darn cute.

Glee Yes No Emma Will Proposal


4. Finn decides to enlist in the army after high school to make his dad proud. But when his mom drops the bomb that Finn’s father died of a drug addiction, and not in Iraq, he rethinks everything and — wait for it — PROPOSES to Rachel because he claims she’s the only thing he has going for himself. Last time we checked, the only time you get engaged in HIGH SCHOOL is if you’re knocked up. Good thing she hasn’t said yes. Yet…
5. Sue is the nicest person ever. Between consoling Becky after the breakup to taking part in Will’s proposal, Sue was, well, so not Sue. And not gonna lie, we kinda like her as the mean Coach Sylvester instead of the sympathetic relationship coach. Bring Sue back!
Ok, now your turn. What’d you think was the most unrealistic part of the ep? The best number? Did you like Will’s (and, uh, Finn’s) proposal? Dish below!

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