O-M-Glee! Introducing the New Mean Girls!

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Warning, warning. A new crop of Glee kids are coming to McKinley High — and they seem nothing like our lovable faves. Now that Quinn Fabray and other top Cheerios ditched their pom poms to join New Directions, there’s a new set of mean girls to be Sue Sylvester‘s little moles cheerleaders. Plus, since we know that Chord Overstreet’s out (sad face), there’s going to be a new addition to the school football team — and Mercedes’ love life!

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Here’s the rundown on the new guys:

Sheila: A modern-day Joan Jett with tons of tats.

Sugar: Rich, cocky and a terrible singer. (Guess she won’t be joining New Directions anytime soon.)

Bubba: The huge new linebacker, who’s also Mercedes’ new boo. She started dating him over the summer.

And there’s also a role for a 60-something year-old geometry teacher named Nancy Bletheim, but we know we don’t care too much about that.

Who can you picture playing these roles? Think any of The Glee Project kids could pull them off? Sound off here!