O-M-Glee! Which Gleek Is Getting Siblings, And Who’s Hooking Up Next?

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Just because Glee isn’t new this week, or next week, or the week after that (sorry), the spoilers are still acomin’. And thank the LORD for that because we are on Glee withdrawal and it’s not ok.

And this week’s spoilers are pretty juicy. Like, for instance, we found out that we’re going to be introduced to one of the gleek’s siblings! Any guesses on whose?

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It’s — drumroll please — Sam! Yup, according to TVGuide.com, we’re going to meet the whole Trouty Mouth family. Can’t. Wait.

And according to TVLine.com, we’re also going to be seeing one very “unlikely” couple in season two’s six remaining episodes. Because Lauren and Puck isn’t unlikely enough…

Who do you think the unlikely couple will be? Whose family do you think the audience should be introduced to, other than Sam’s? Tell us in the comments!