O-M-Glee! 5 Things to Know About the Rest of Season 2

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We think right about now is the perfect time to begin our countdown to all new Glee eps — they begin one week from today! And in honor of season 2, part 2 being this much closer, we’re here to give you lots and lots of spoilers. Thanks, E! Online!

So click on for deets on Kurt and Blaire, Brittana, Jesse St. James’ comeback and tons more!

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Ok, so here’s what you need to know:

1. Kurt and Blaine are the real deal. Darren Criss told E! Online, “They’re in the honeymoon stage, and they’ve just recently gotten together, so that’s really new and exciting like any new relationship is. It’s not just a flash in the pan kind of crush.”
2. We’re going to see more of Tina. In fact, next Tuesday’s episode, “Night of Neglect “is about people who have been neglected, and now they have the opportunity to show what they’ve got,” Harry Shum Jr. said. And by people he means Tina!
3. Jonathan Groff aka Jesse St. James is coming back. And apparently it’s not just to win back Rachel! We hear “he’s just trying to help out a friend.” Uh huh. Sure he is.
4. Santana is definitely a lesbian. And since Brittany rejected her, Santana is having trouble dealing with it by getting help from — gasp! — a guy. Which guy do you think it is?
5. Gwyneth Paltrow will cover Adele. And the song is called “Turning Tables.” And it’s going to be amazing and emotional and epic all rolled into one.

And there ya have it, gleeks! Looks like we’ve still got quite a few amazing eps ahead of us. Are you excited for April 19th first new ep? We wanna know in the comments!