Glee is Going Gaga Again!

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We already shared the amazing news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Mr. Schuester will be getting it on their Glee on again, and that the gleeks will be covering a Justin Bieber song on season 2. But you might want to sit down, gleeks, because we’ve got even more amazing song spoilers for you. One word? Gaga.

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How could the gleeks top their last Gaga covers, “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face?” Uh, somehow, we think it’s very possible…

Ryan Murphy revealed that the second half of season 2 will feature Lady Gaga‘s new and as-of-yet-unreleased song, “Born This Way,” off her upcoming album. It’ll be sung in an episode centering around Karofsky (Max Adler)’s sexuality. Between Gwyneth, Gaga and Bieber, season 2, part 2 is no doubt going to be amazing!

What are you most excited for? Bieber? Gwyneth? Gaga? Sound off now!