O-M-Glee! Is Sam Getting Kicked Out Of His House For Being…Gay?!

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We’re not really sure where the crazy rumor that Sam (Chord Overstreet) from Glee is going to come out as gay came from, but here’s a disclaimer: it wasn’t us. Phew. Glad we cleared that up. So no, it’s not true. But according to TVLine, we will be going to Sam’s house in an upcoming episode for another reason…

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TVLine said:

“We will get to see Sam’s home life in the upcoming “Rumors” episode when Finn — suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Trouty Mouth — goes on a stakeout with (wait for it) Rachel!”

So that’s how we’re going to be introduced to Sam’s siblings. It’s all suddenly making sense.

Oh, and this just in! TVLine also just confirmed that Jonathan Groff aka Jesse St. James will be back for the final three episodes of the season to “apologize to Rachel.” We smell a love square between Finn, Rachel, Quinn and Jesse! Yes!