O-M-Glee: April’s Back! And She’s Doing Another (Romantic) Duet with Mr. Schue

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Uh oh. Emma is so not gonna be happy about this. In tonight’s episode of Glee, the one that’s a tribute to Fleetwood Mac, April aka Kristin Chenoweth makes her big return and, well, it kinda looks like things are about to get romantic (again) with her and Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). They’re going to be singing one of the band’s classic songs, “Dreams” and, well, in our dreams he’ll get back together with Emma and not April! Ugh!

Click to watch the clip of April and Will’s duet and tell us — are you Team Wemma or Team Apwill?

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What do you think of the song? Do you want April and Will to date? Tell us in the comments, gleeks!