‘Glee’ is Renewed for Two More Seasons

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Lea Michele can rest a little easier tonight. It’s just been announced that Glee will be returning for Season 5… and 6.

In a statement given by FOX Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly, he says, “Glee debuted as the first and only successful musical comedy series on television, and more than four years later, it continues to defy genres, break new ground and have a significant impact on popular culture. Week in and week out, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan, Dante DiLoreto and the entire Glee team deliver a series that not only delights and surprises fans, but also inspires them to talk about, share, debate and engage with the show — and I’m absolutely thrilled to have them on board for another two seasons.”

Prior to the announcement, female lead Lea confidently claimed, “I’m still going to be on the show and so are the kids that are in high school… It will be very exciting — and I’m not going anywhere!”

Now that you know the news, we want you to weigh in. Are you thrilled about the idea of two more seasons? Or do you think it should’ve quit while it’s ahead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Glee message board!

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