Breaking News! The Glee Regionals Ep Will Have SEVEN Amazing Songs

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Dying to know what songs the Warblers and New Directions will sing at next week’s Glee regionals? Well we’ve got the ENTIRE tracklist from the episode right here! And yes, ladies and gents, one of the songs is perhaps even more legendary than MJ’s “Thriller”.

Click to hear ’em!

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The legendary song we were talking about? “Blackbird” by The Beatles, sung by Kurt! Check out the rest of the songs below:




“Hell to the No” (original song) – Mercedes & Santana

“Misery” (Maroon 5) – Dalton Academy Warblers

“Raise Your Glass” (P!NK) – Dalton Academy Warblers

“Candles” (Hey Monday) – Dalton Academy Warblers

And listen to two more original songs, “Get it Right” and “Loser Like Me” right here! Now are you excited for Regionals or what?! Share your excitement in the comments!