Gleecap: 5 OMG Moments from “A Very Glee Christmas”

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If last night’s episode of Glee didn’t get you into the holiday spirit, very few things could. Between the sappy Christmas duet between Kurt and Blaine, the heart-wrenching love triangle between Finn, Rachel and Santana, and the ah-mazing renditions of holiday songs, the ep was so good that we’re almost ok with the fact that we won’t get another one until January. Emphasis on the almost.

But what else happened on “A Very Glee Christmas?” Click on for the 5 major things we learned about the gleeks from the episode!

1. Brittany Still Believes in Santa!: We’re not at all surprised by this considering she’s a little, um, dumb, but Brittany admitted that she still believed in the big jolly red guy — and the gleeks, Artie especially, didn’t want to ruin it for her.
2. Sue is a Grinch!: And apparently lacks a soul! First, she rigged the staff Secret Santa so that she would get all the gifts, and then, after Mr. Schue stole them back to give to homeless kids, she stole them back and kept them for herself! All while wearing green paint and a Santa suit.
3. Rachel and Finn are really dunzo!: After a too-cute-for-words duet of “Last Christmas” at the Christmas tree shop, Finn broke up with Rachel for real. And we cried a little inside right along with her.
4. Artie Can Walk!: Well, kinda. After Brittany asked Santa (who was really Bieste) for Artie to walk again, Santa said no can do. But, the next day, Artie came to school with a contraption from Israel that helped him walk — and we later found out Bieste got it for him! Merry Christmas, huh?!
5.The New Directions Can Bring Christmas Cheer to Anyone!: At the end of the ep, they went caroling in the teachers’ lounge to raise money for unfortunate kids — and even Sue was moved! So moved, in fact, that she and “Santa’s Little Helpers” (aka New Directions) went over to Shue’s house and set up Christmas Eve for him so he wouldn’t spend it alone. Who knew she had it in her?

So, did you like the Glee Christmas episode? Which song was your fave? Are you going to miss the show for a month as much as we are?