Glee-cap: Chord Overstreet Is a “Full Blonde Bieber”

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And a really hot one at that! Visibly missing from last night’s Glee episode, “The Comeback,” were Kurt and Blaine, our new fave couple, but Sam (Chord Overstreet)’s stint as Justin Bieber was enough to fill our hot guy quota for the night. No wonder Quinn came running back after he serenaded her with “Baby…

But the episode would’ve been awesome with or without the Biebs! Click on to read our top 5 fave moments from last night’s ep. And don’t forget to tell us yours, too!

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1. Sam starts his own band, called, natch, “The Justin Bieber Experience” in an attempt to woo Quinn back. And once the other gleek dudes see the reaction he gets from the ladies they all becomes Biebs, too, complete with zip-up hoodies, dogtags and, duh, the perfectly-swooshed hair. But then…

2. Sam breaks up with Quinn even though he tried oh-so-desperately to win her back. But why? Well, because Santana convinced him that Quinn cheated on him with Finn, so now Sam and Santana are a couple (Samtana?!) and Quinn’s single.

3. Rachel tries to start a fashion trend by persuading Brittany to start dressing like her. That was an epic fail, though, since all the girls in school credited Brittany for the reindeer sweaters and plaid skirts.

4. Rachel and Mercedes have a diva-off to “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent in the best duet since Santana and Mercedes’ during “Duets.” This wasn’t exactly a plot advancement, fine, since they both ended being BFFs after it, but the song was so good we just had to include it in our top 5.

5. Sue joins the Glee club. Kinda. After Will and Emma found out Sue was “Sue-i-cidal” after losing regionals, they attempt to perk her up by getting her to sing with the gleeks. Which she did, and she looked awesome in her plaid tracksuit, but then she dropped the bomb that Will inspired her to becoming the vocal coach of Oral Intensity — New Directions’ competition at regionals. Uh oh.

What was your fave part of the episode? Did Sam make a good Bieber? Tell us in the comments!