Glee-cap: Do You Think the Super Bowl Episode Lived Up to the Hype?

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It seemed like we were waiting years for Glee‘s Super Bowl episode to air. We heard all the spoilers, we heard all the songs, we knew Sue Sylvester was gonna get mean. So now that all our questions are answered and the episode has happened, did it live up to all the gleeks’ expectations? Or was it, like the Super Bowl, kinda — dare we say it — boring?!

Well, we’ll give you a quick run through of the episode in case you missed it (how dare you!), and then you tell us if you think it was as good as it was expected to be. Ready? OK, so:

1. Sue Sylvester got mean, as we said she would, and in an attempt to spice things up with the Cheerios in time for regionals, she decided to get a human canon ball (which she called her “Sueclear weapon.” Ha) and pretty much risk Brittany’s life and shoot her out of it. But what was even meaner of Sue to do?

2. Sue made the Cheerios/New Directions members, aka Quinn, Santana and Brittany, decide between cheerleading and glee club. How, you ask? Well, she made both regional championships on the same day so that she they couldn’t attend both. How rude. Originally, the girls quit glee so that they could remain “popular,” but Finn finally convinced them to rejoin glee and leave Sue in the dust. Yes. Meanwhile…

3. Bieste and Mr. Schue tried to unite the football team and the glee club to combat Karofsky’s bullying. And, get this, Bieste wouldn’t even let the guys play on the football team unless they participated in the halftime show, aka “Thriller.” So, blah blah blah, all the guys backed out (especially once they got Slushied by the hockey team) and the glee girls, Rachel, Tina, Mercedes and even Lauren, joined the team and played during the first two quarters. Talk about team work…

4. But finally, Puck convinced his teammates that they could win the game if and only if they all played. No offense to the girls or anything, but they kinda sucked. So, the jocks sucked it up, put on their zombie makeup, did the halftime show and, duh, won the game. Go McKinley!

5. And in the romance department, Finn and Sam got in a little tiff fight over Quinn, which she found “kinda hot” and then, in a surprise that we admit we totally saw coming, Finn and Quinn kissed. Shh. We won’t tell Sam if you don’t.

So, there ya have it! The music was amazing and the plot was definitely strong, but was the Super Bowl episode as good as you were expecting it to be? Vote below, gleeks!