Gleecap: Another Wedding (!) and a Breakup!

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Ok, we’re still recovering from the emotional overload that was last week’s episode of Glee, where we witnessed 2 weddings and a heartfelt proposal. But last night’s ep, “Special Education” tore at our heartstrings with the demise of — spoiler alert — Finchel!

As if the much-awaited sectionals and the face-off between New Directions and the Warblers wasn’t exciting enough, then they had to go and lay the Finn/Rachel break up on us? Why, Glee? Why?

But tons of other mucho importante things happened last night.

Click on for the 10 major things we learned about the gleeks on last night’s ep!

1. Rachel is Nice. No, really, she is! We got to see a super cute friendship budding between Rachel and Kurt — it seems like she’s rooting for him now that he’s no longer her direct competition at McKinley! And, she even gave up her coveted solo to Mercedes and Tina. How sweet!
2. Emma is Married. Whaaaat? In the biggest shocker of the season (aside from that kiss with Karofsky), Ms. Pillsbury drops the bomb on Mr. Schue that she and Carl (hottie John Stamos) eloped in Vegas. Say it ain’t so!
3. But, Emma’s Sad. Was it just us, or did she look seriously depressed after hugging her new hubby at the end of the ep?
4. Puck’s a Softie. When the gleeks were scrambling to find a last minute replacement for Kurt at sectionals (they need 12 people to compete), Puck pulled through and brought in Lauren Zizes, who we’ve seen before on a few eps. And it looks like the two just might become besties!
5. Brittany’s cool. She and Artie shared a heartfelt convo and kiss right before sectionals, despite Artie thinking she was cheating on him with “Other Asian.” Who knew she could actually hold a real conversation?
6. Finchel is Dunzo! Rachel finally found out about that little, um “episode” between Santana and Finn, and let’s just say she wasn’t happy. To get back at him, she made out with Puck, and Finn broke up with her for cheating! Boo!
7. The Gleeks won Sectionals! Kinda. It was a tie between New Directions and the Warblers (duh), but at least McKinley took home a trophy!
8. Sam and Quinn are Adorbable. “Barbie and Ken,” as RAchel calls them, got the honors of doing a duet at sectionals, to Dirty Dancing’s “Time of My Life.” YouTube it now if you missed it!
9. Santana can Sing. Like, for reals. The girl killed it at sectionals, leading the gleeks’ performance of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.”
10. Blaine is hot. But you already knew that, right? We were melting during his performance of Hey, Soul Sister. Yummers.

Did we miss anything? What as your favorite part of the episode? What was your fave song? Share your thoughts below!