‘Glee’-cap! Ranking the Performances from the Season 5 Premiere

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For the new season of Glee, we’re trying something new. After each episode, starting with the fifth season premiere, “Love, Love, Love,” tribute to The Beatles, we’re gonna give each performance a letter grade. What’s it based on? Pure opinion, of course. So if you don’t agree and would like to give the performances a different score, leave a note in the comments. We wanna know your thoughts, Gleeks! Okay, here we go…

“Yesterday” — A+!

Okay, just because we gave away an A+ right off the bat doesn’t mean we’re gonna go easy on everyone. It’s just that this song was everything. Lea Michele puts every emotion into her performance, leaving us heartbroken and literally tearing up. And the song was only meant to reflect how she feels after her Funny Girl callback (which we still don’t know the result of, BTW). It’s safe to say that Rachel Berry’s officially back in our lives.

“Drive My Car” — C

See, told you we’re not gonna go easy. It’s just there were so many technical things wrong with this performance. For starters, how is Artie playing music through his phone for the world to hear when his headphones are still plugged in? And how is Artie driving the bumper car when Kitty’s sitting on the hood? Like, what’s pressing on the pedal? Combine those with the fact that we just don’t believe Artie and Kitty as a couple, it’s just not the best thing we’ve ever seen.

“Got to Get You into My Life” — B+

Klaine’s back together, people! Truth be told, it’s a bit over the top — a marching band, really? — but we wouldn’t expect anything less for the big reunion.

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” — B-

Again, this is mostly because we haven’t accepted Artie and Kitty as a thing. But it was cute and their vocals were decent enough, so we’ll give it a bump up from “Drive My Car.”

“Help!” — A-

To prepare for his epic proposal to Kurt — yes, Blaine still wants to marry Kurt! — Darren Criss‘ character seeks the ‘help’ of New Directions, as well as rival glee clubs The Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline and Haverbrook School for the Deaf. Adorable.

“A Hard Day’s Night” — A

Werk! Helping Rachel make an impression on the Funny Girl producers while at work — they’re both singing waitresses now — Naya Rivera‘s alter ego and Lea’s go all out with pretty amazing choreography, and those voices… Well, you know how flawless they are.

“I Saw Her Standing There” — C+

Tina’s been on edge lately, so Blaine, Sam, Ryder and Jake take on The Beatles’ classic. But, in all honesty, it was kind of a snooze fest.

“All You Need Is Love” — A+!

Two A+ scores in one night?? We must be going soft already. But, come on, how could we not? All of the rival glee clubs gather together at Dalton for the big number, and it ends with everyone gathered around while Blaine proposes on the very steps where he and Kurt first met. Ahh!

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