Glee Recap: “Take a Chance On Me”

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Yesterday Charice told us that the Glee season finale would be one of the best ever, and um sorry, but we’re going to have to disagree. We loved the change of scenery (New York!) and the music (“New York!”) but was it so wrong of us to want just a little more? Sure, that Finchel you-know-what made up for it but come on, people! This is the season finale we’re talking about! A little cliffhanger or two def wouldn’t have hurt.

But nonetheless, let’s recap the ep’s highlights, mmkay?!

1. After the gang arrives in NYC for Nationals, Mr. Schuester has them stay in their hotel room so they can write songs for Nationals. Except Rachel heads out with Kurt to take in the sights of NYC and they do the usual stuff — have breakfast at Tiffany’s and sing a duet on the “Wicked” Broadway stage. And Kurt wasn’t the only person Rachel snuck out with…
2. After finally getting up the nerve to ask her out, Rachel and Finn go on a romantic stroll through Central Park and have a very romantic dinner at famous NYC restaurant Sardis. After dinner, they other glee guys serenaded them and then Finn kissed her — except she rejected him, saying “I can’t,” which we later find out is because Rachel doesn’t want Finn to keep her from her NY dreams after graduation. Hey, Finn, we can…
3. Quinn has an emotional breakdown realizing that her and Finn are totally dunzo, so she cries to Brittany and Santana about being single. She even threatens to tell on Finn and Rachel, which would essentially take New Directions out of the Nationals competition in the first place. So to cheer her up and stop that from happening, Santana suggests…a haircut. Yeah, that’ll totally do the trick, guys.
4. Meanwhile, the gleeks find out that Mr. Schue is contemplating leaving them for a gig on Broadway, except, duh, we all know that’s not going to happen. Matthew Morrison just CAN’T leave the show!
5. And at Nationals, New Directions sing two original songs, one of which is a Finchel duet. They get so caught up in the moment that they kiss after they finished the song, which cost them the whole competition and they came in 12th place! Sad. But at least some good came out of the whole thing. Sam and Mercedes are now a couple (!) and Blaine said the “L” word to Kurt! Did you melt during that scene like we did?!

So, what was your fave part of the finale? Did you like the episode and the songs? Are you happy Finchel is back together? What do you think of Sam and Mercedes as a couple? Will Will leave Ohio to go to Broadway? Ah, so many questions! Tell us your season 3 predictions in the comments!