Glee Recap: “God, Brittany, Why Are You So Stupid?!”

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So we know that last night’s episode of Glee would have lots of “Rumours” buzzing around McKinley, but secrets? Whoa. We found out a major shocker about Trouty Mouth aka Sam last night, which was def the highlight considering the Fleetwood Mac songs were just “eh.” But what was Sam’s big secret? And what’s up with our fave couples (and, uh, former couples?

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1. April aka Kristin Chenoweth makes her big return to McKinley, this time because she’s a little low on funds and needs the school’s auditorium to practice in. Of course that led to a fab duet between her and Shue, not to mention her asking Will to come to Broadway with her. Good thing he said no. Phew.
2. After Santana’s secret about being bisexual gets published in the school paper, Artie accuses Brittany of cheating on him with her. And then he dumps her in what was clearly the saddest gleek breakup since the demise of Finchel. Sad face.
3. Meanwhile, Britt joins the paper to become more serious and ask less gossip-y questions than she does on her web show, “Fondue for Two,” and Santana sings her a really heartfelt solo. Clearly she got over that breakup pretty quickly…
4. And while rumors are spreading of Santana’s sexuality, they’re also spreading of Quinn’s infidelity to Finn. Poor guy. So to figure out if she’s really cheating with Sam, he and Rachel camp outside a hotel where they find Sam going in and out with Quinn — and Kurt?!
5. But after probing by the entire glee club, Sam finally confesses that he and his family live in the hotel because his dad lost his job and that Kurt was giving him clothes and Quinn was helping him babysit. It’s okay if you shed a tear during that part. We did too.

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