Glee Recap: “Eat Your Heart Out, Kate Middleton”

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Ya know when you look forward to prom for like, all four years of high school and then once it happens you’re like, “Wait, that was it?” Yeah, that’s kinda how we felt about last night’s Glee episode, “Prom Queen.” Sure, the songs were amazing and there was some plot progression, but by the end of the ep we kinda wished there was just a little more to it. Maybe Puck and Artie really should’ve spiked that punch…

So from the shocking crowning of Prom king and Queen to the fight that we didn’t at all see coming, click on for our episode recap!

1. Mercedes is upset about the upcoming prom because she doesn’t have a date. Or a dress. Or anything, really. So to cheer her up, Rachel asks Sam to be both of their dates to the big night for their “prom on a budget.” That is until Jesse St. James comes back into the picture and takes Rachel to prom. Oh well. Mercedes and Sam did make pretty cute dance partners…
2. Meanwhile, Artie asks Brittany to prom in the cutest way possible — via song, of course — but she says no because “You called me stupid and I didn’t like that.” Legit. So instead, Brittany decides to go solo and dance with everyone else’s dates. Fair.
3. In other couples’ news Finn takes Quinn to prom, of course, and with a little help from Rachel, picks out the perfect corsage. Too bad the night wasn’t exactly perfect for Quinn, though…
4. After some dress shopping and Puck and Artie’s failed plan to spike the punch at prom, the king and queen are finally crowned. Karofsky takes the crown as king, which is fine, but then Queen didn’t go to Lauren or Quinn or Santana, but Kurt. Ouch. And even more ouch is when Karofsky wouldn’t dance with him during the King/Queen dance, even though he did give him a heartfelt apology for bullying him in the past. But OMG, Blaine, the best date ever, stepped in instead and pretty much saved the prom. Phew.
5. But the night’s biggest surprise was when Finn started a fight with Jesse for not keeping his dance with Rachel “PG” enough. Jealous, much?! So both Finn and Jesse got kicked out of prom. That sucks. Meanwhile, Quinn slapped (!) Rachel in the bathroom, blaming her for them losing and for her stealing Finn away. But what’s prom without a little drama, right?!

What was your fave moment from the episode? What about your fave one-liner? Do you think Karofsky will ever be comfortable with coming out to the school? Tell us in the comments!