Glee Recap: 5 Things that Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Ok, we’ll say it — Glee wasn’t horrible last night. “Pot O’ Gold” did have some nice little twists and turns and some (aka two) good songs. But just like most other Glee eps so far this season, some things went down in Lima that just would never fly in real life. Check out the absurdities we picked up on below, and let us know your thoughts on the ep too, ok?

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1. Brittany believing in leprechauns. Or unicorns. Or anything else that doesn’t exist, for that matter. Ok, ok, we get that Britt isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but come on, even she shouldn’t believe that Rory, the new Irish exchange student who’s staying at her house, is a leprechaun capable of granting her wishes. At least Finn finally told her the truth about Rory at the end of the ep and she kinda believed him. For now.
2. Rory, the new exchange student, in general. Truthfully, we like the role that Ryan Murphy gave the Glee Project winner in the show. It fit him to a tee. But we feel like they left out so many details about how and why he showed up to McKinley. And why is he staying with Brittany, out of everyone? And how did he know who Finn was from YouTube? And, side note, why’d he spend so much time taking out the marshmallows from that box of Lucky Charms just to get into Britt’s pants?! Doesn’t he have class to get to or something?
3. Burt Hummel miraculously bringing in the funding for the school musical — and running for office against Sue. When Figgins told Mr. Schue that he was cutting the musical for budgetary reasons, he ran to Kurt’s dad for help, who, in turn, had his “friends” who own funeral homes buy all 200 ads to raise the money back for the show. And when Mr. Schue told him about Sue’s plan to run for office and to get rid of the arts at all public schools and that Burt should run against her, he agreed. Just like that. In two seconds. Without any prior political experience. Who does that?!
4. Santana and Brittany joining Mercedes in Shelby’s new all girls’ glee club. Alright, fine, we loved Mercedes and Brittana‘s rendition of “Candyman,” but we found it just a tad strange that the two Cheerios decided to leave New Directions and join the Troubletones so abruptly. Yes, we get that they didn’t want to be singing in Rachel Berry’s shadow, but come on. Those are their friends. They need each other. Such traitors!
5. Quinn trying to get back her baby. A for effort when Quinn stopped by Shelby’s to put weird things in her apartment that social services could use to deem her an unfit mother, but come on, Quinn — once a baby is adopted, there’s really no chance that you’re going to get it back. Sorry, kiddo. At least Puck was the nice guy in this situation, removing everything Quinn used to sabotage Shelby, comforting Shelby when she felt lonely as a single mother and, oh yeah, kissing her! Um, best affair ever?