Gleecap: 2 Weddings and a Proposal

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No Glee duo is cuter than “Furt” (Nope, not even Finnchel!) and last night’s epsiode, called, well, “Furt,” proved that. In the most emotional eppie yet (Seriously, we cried a lot. So what?), we witnessed a teary-eyed wedding between Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom, a crazy “courtship” between Sue Sylvester and, well, Sue Sylvester, and, a psuedo wedding proposal from Sam to Quinn.

This Glee ep was more about the plot than the music (even though the Bruno Mars songs were ah-mazing), and we loved the super emotional aspect of the show for a change.

But — spoiler alert! — the biggest shocker of the entire episode was when…

Kurt dropped a bomb on the gleeks during the very last minute of the show, saying that he’s transferring to avoid the bullying ways of Karofsky (and probably, to be closer to Blaine, played by the adorable Darren Criss!) Despite Sam, Puck, Mike, and even Artie’s best efforts to defend Kurt against the super mean bully, Kurt, in a heartfelt speech, told the gleeks that he didn’t feel safe at McKinley High and needed to transfer. Wahhh!

But on a lighter note, we loved the budding bromance (or, uh, real brotherhood) between Kurt and Finn. How cute when they danced together at the wedding?

Do you think Kurt is going to stay at Blaine’s school for the rest of the show? He’s going to be the New Directions’ competition at sectionals, which will be kinda cool to watch, and we’ll hopefully see a budding romance between Kurt and Blaine, but we just don’t know if the show will be the same! Do you think it will? Tell us below, gleeks!