Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Ok, WTH is up with the song choices on Glee, season 3 this season? We appreciate good showtunes (and good voices!) just as much as the next gleek, but come on, guys, would a little Top 40 hurt? We think not. That was our major disappointment with last night’s ep, “I Am Unicorn,” not to mention that yet again we found 5 things that happened that would never happen in a real high school.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Bieste, Emma and Artie co-direct the musical. We like how they chose a student to direct the school musical (even though it should’ve been Rachel, don’tcha think?), but why would Mr. Schuester enlist two people who know nothing about the arts, the football coach and the guidance counselor to co-direct while he’s off focusing on nationals? Doesn’t. Make. Sense.
2. Rachel, Kurt and Blaine all audition for the leads in the musical. We get that it’s fair that every student has to audition, but Bieste, Emma and Artie already know they can all sing — is it really necessary? Plus, isn’t there anyone else auditioning for the play that’s not a member of New Directions? Doesn’t seem like it.
3. Shelby creates her own glee club…at McKinley. After getting rejected from New Directions, Sugar’s dad makes a hefty donation to McKinley to fund a second glee club for his daughter to join. Shelby takes the gig as the club’s leader, but does one school really need to have two glee clubs to compete against each other? Isn’t one enough?
4. Quinn goes back to her good-girl ways…in a day. Wow, Quinn, you really had quite the run (aka one and a half episodes) of being a Skank. After Quinn sees a pic of Beth and Shelby tells her she wants Quinn to be a part of the baby’s life, Quinn magically decides to clean up her act — dying her hair blonde again, removing her nose ring, and putting her cross necklace back on her neck where it belongs. Plus, she rejoins New Directions (starting off at Mr. Schue’s dancing lessons, Booty Camp, first) — and has her sights set on getting back her baby. We smell trouble.
5. Brittany runs Kurt’s campaign for President..and then decides to run herself. Brittany takes it upon herself to helm Kurt’s campaign, and her idea is to have pink posters with glitter and unicorns all around school to show that Kurt is “magical” and “special.” It was totally realistic that Kurt didn’t want his campaign to peg him as “the gay guy” at school, but we’re with him on this one — unicorn posters would so never happen IRL. “Hey, vote for me! I sparkle and like riding unicorns! Nu uh.”