Glee Recap: “Put the Fun Back in Funeral”

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Still crying from last night’s Glee? Us too. That funeral (ok, we won’t tell you who died until after the jump, in case you’re an episode or two behind) was probably the saddest, but also most heartwarming one in TV history. But also sad? One couple’s inevitable breakup. Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.

Click on for all of “Funeral”‘s best moments! That sounded bad but, ya know what we mean…

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1. Mr. Schuester hires Jesse St James to be New Directions’ consultant for Nationals, aka he’s the drill sergeant during their last week of preps before the big event. And while Santana, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel all try out to be the lead vocalist at Nationals, Jesse basically says all of them suck…except for Rachel. Go figure.
2. Becky gets kicked off of the Cheerios by Sue, who we later found out fired her because she reminded her too much of her sister, Jean, who had passed away the night before. But by the end of the episode, Becky is back on the Cheerios and Sue’s actually, well, a normal person with feelings…
3. To help Sue deal with her loss, Finn and Kurt decide to help Sue out by cleaning out Jean’s room and planning the funeral. They center it around the theme of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory — Jean’s favorite movie — and the glee club even sings a song from it. And when Sue got choked up during her speech, Mr. Schuester took over. And, guess what? Sue actually cried and even hugged Will. Um, yeah we teared up uncontrollably.
4. We also teared up uncontrollably after the funeral, when Finn (finally!) broke up with Quinn after Sue’s speech made him realize he doesn’t actually like her. And even though Quinn was okay with it and knew they’d get back together eventually, it was clear he still had feelings for Rachel and wanted to be with her. Uh, ya think?!
5. And speaking of Rachel, Jesse told her that she got the lead for Nationals, until Mr. Schuester says that instead of having a solo, the whole glee club will sing together instead. How cute. Also cute? That kiss Rachel and Jesse shared in the auditorium. Too bad Finn walked in that very minute holding flowers. Poor guy.

Were you surprised that Jean died? What’d you think of the episode? Did you like seeing the new side of Sue? And do you think Finn and Rachel will get back together now that he’s done with Quinn? Tell us everything you’re thinking in the comments!