Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Last night as we watched Glee‘s episode, “Choke,” we came to the sad realization that the glee kids are really graduating. They’re leaving McKinley! Or are they? Cause we’re not so sure about Puck’s future in college or Rachel’s future in New York after those epic events occured…

Keep reading to see what went down in Lima last night and why some things just made no sense.

1. Puck realizes he’s going to fail high school.Really, dude? You just now realized that sleeping with teachers and flirting with rich ladies at the pool isn’t gonna get you into college? So once Puckerman runs into his deadbeat dad after 5 years of not seeing him and realizes he doesn’t wanna become like him, he enlists the glee club guys to help him study for his European Geography test. They sing “The Rain in Spain” to study, but despite his best efforts, Puck still fails. Guess that means no graduation for the Puckinator!



2. Coaches Bieste, Sue and Roz give the Glee girls a lesson in domestic violence. When they assign the glee girls to perform a song that’s about female empowerment, Brittany, Santana, Tina, Mercedes and Sugar decide to sing “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. But when we later learn that the reason for the assignment was that Coach Bieste’s husband Cooter hit her when he was drunk, we kinda felt really bad for her. But then we stopped feeling bad when she forgave him and went back to him! Kids, do not follow this example. Please.



3. Kurt has a last minute change of heart before his NYADA auditionwhen Rachel tells him the song he chose to sing was too controversial and that he would blame it on the song choice if he didn’t get in. So when he changes his mind right before the big audition (in front of NYADA dean Whoopi Goldberg!), he totally nails it and wows her. But is it realistic to nail something that is so last minute? Not so sure. Rachel, on the other hand…



4. Rachel gets so nervous that she totally blew her NYADA audition.Even though her song of choice was her go-to by Barbra Streisand that “I’ve been singing since I was two!”, she forgot the lyrics — twice — and Whoopi walked on out. And then, it wasn’t pretty. But Rachel’s a star! She never chokes! Why now?! Ugggggh.



5. Quinn is non-existent. Seriously, what the heck is happening with her? Just because she’s in a wheelchair nowdoesn’t mean she should be MIA from everything, Ryan Murphy! What’s going on with her and Joe these days? And why wasn’t she even included in the girls’ numbers for Bieste? Bring. Quinn. Back!



So, what are your predictions? Is Puck gonna graduate? Will Kurt go to NYADA without Rachel? Will Bieste and Cooter really stay together?

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