Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Happen IRL

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And Glee is officially back in action! Fine, whatever, it’s technically been back for two weeks now, but last night’s ep, “Asian F,” was like Glee from the good ol’ days, aka amazing. But since we usually recap the ep based on the 5 most unlikely things that happened at McKinley, we’re switching it up a bit this time with the 5 most realistic things. Yeah. The ep was that good.

Click for our 5 things below, and be sure to tell us if you agree!

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Realistic Event #1. Mike Chang chases after his dreams of performing. After disappointing his father by getting an A-, aka an “Asian F” on his Chem test, Mike’s dad tells him that he needs to stop glee club and dancing and dating Tina because he’s getting distracted. But after he and his mom realize how much performing means to him — and after totally nailing his audition for the school musical — they both decide it’s ok for him to pursue the arts as a career.

Realistic Event #2. Brittany conducts a flash mob to get the school to vote for her for president. Ok, fine, breaking out into a Beyonce song in the middle of the hallways isn’t exactly likely to happen in our regular ol’ high schools. But the message that Britt was trying to get across — that a female should be the leader of the student body — is one every student can get behind. Too bad her campaign is totally hurting Kurt’s chances at the title.

Realistic Event #3. Rachel also decides to run for pres. We’ll say it — Rach has no shot at winning, especially because even her own boyfriend may not be voting for her (awk). But she puts herself in the running so that she has something to define her during her senior year, not even caring that she’d be running against her BFF Kurt. Not gonna lie — we sort of really like this new fiesty side of Miss Berry.

Realistic Event #4. Emma’s parents are the ones that made her psycho as a kid. Will insisted on meeting Emma’s parents so he invited them over for dinner, and um, let’s just say we did not expect them to be red-head supremacists. Plus, they made fun of Emma for all her OCD issues, which totally explains why she’s so crazy today. Truth — parents are usually the people who screw up their kids (sorry, mom and dad), so we like how true to life this whole part felt. Right?!

Realistic Event #5. Mercedes is sick of Rachel always being in the spotlight. We love how Miss Jones stood up for herself last night! She and Rachel diva-off for the role of Maria in “West Side Story,” but not after singing an amazing song from Dreamgirls where Effie, uh, we mean Mercedes, tells everyone she’s sick and tired of being overshadowed in New Directions. In the end, the role of Maria goes to Rachel after it originally got double-casted and Mercedes turned it down. Oh, and then Mercedes went to Shelby and told her she wanted to join her glee club. Oh. Em. Gee.

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