Apparently, Cory and Lea’s Glee Sex Scene is “Awkward” and “Less Sexy Than You Think”

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We all know and are eagerly anticipating the Finchel sex scene on Glee, aka when Rachel loses her v-card and Finn, uh, compares her skills in the sack to Santana’s? But according to Lea Michele, even though the sex scene might come across on-screen as cute and romantic, filming it was sorta the opposite.

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She told E!:

“It was way awkward. I adore Cory. He’s like my brother and to have to do some of the stuff we did in front of our entire crew…it’s so less sexy than you think. Really, we were in a room with like 20 people around us, sitting by the fireplace.”

A fireplace, eh? Sounds kinda classy to us! Can’t wait until episode 5 to see it all go down! Are you excited for Rachel and Finn to, ya know? Or are you more excited to see how Kurt and Blaine’s love scene plays out? Sound off in the comments!