O-M-Glee! Listen to All the Songs from Next Week’s Prom Episode!

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Next week is what we wait for for all four years of high school — prom. Well, at least it is on Glee, and since the past few eps have been leading up to the prom episode and who gets crowned king and queen, to say we’re antsy and anxious and impatient and want it to happen already is the biggest understatement of the century. And even though we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out who gets crowned, we can listen to all the songs from “Prom Queen” right here, right now…

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Santana and Mercedes:

Puck, Artie and Sam:

Rachel and Jesse:


Blaine with Brittany and Tina:


Which of these songs is your fave? Who do you hope gets crowned Prom King and Queen? Be sure to leave your predictions in the comments!