Glee Preview: Which Season 1 Guest Star Returns to McKinley Tonight?!

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Tonight on Glee‘s episode, “I Am Unicorn?” Blaine is going to have a solo on the McKinley stage and we couldn’t be happier. We could seriously just stare at that pic of him all day long. But what else is going down on tonight’s episode — and which guest star from season 1 is making a mah-jor comeback?!

It’s Idina Menzel! Idina aka Shelby aka’s Rachel’s birth mom aka Quinn’s baby’s adoptive mom is back in action tonight, and not only will she be singing another duet with Rach (“Poker Face” part 2, please?), but she’ll also be telling Quinn to clean up her act so she can be a part of baby Beth’s life. Plus, the song selection is uh, well, there’s lots of Broadway. Listen to the clips below:

Glee airs tonight at 8pm on Fox! Are you happy that Shelby is back? Have you been happy or dissapointed with Glee so far this season? You can tell us everything in the comments.