Glee Preview: 5 Things To Know About Tonight’s V-Day Episode

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1. It’s gonna be good. But no, really. it’s gonna be awesome. Now that we’re over and done with the Super Bowl episode, it’s onto bigger and better things in the world of the gleeks — tonight’s Valentine’s day episode. Obvs it’s centering around love and relationships and all that mushy stuff, but who’s hooking up with who? And what else is going to go down tonight?!

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1. Quinn and Finn will continue their romance. Finchel fans, you may wanna keep some tissues handy while you’re watching.
2. But, could there be hope for Finchel? Possibly, since we hear there are a few scenes with the two of them, one involving Finn giving Rachel a gift he had bought for her pre-breakup. We’re pretty sure we’re gonna cry during that one.
3. Finn will run a kissing booth at McKinley, and we’re hoping that Santana makes an appearance at it.
4. Puck and Lauren will be hooking up, too. We’ll see a scene of their seven minutes in heaven, and hear Puck belt it out to “Fat-Bottomed Girls” in Lauren’s honor. Cute.
5. As for Kurt and Blaine? They’ll share another adorbs duet, this time apparently outside a GAP store, but still no kissing and no real advancements on that front. There’s always next week…

Oh, and Emma and Sue are both MIA from this week’s episode, so Wemma fans are going to have to wait just a wee bit longer for that hookup to happen.

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