Glee Preview: 3 Things to Know About Tonight’s “Nationals” (Video Included!)

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Little has been revealed about tonight’s Glee finale except that Charice will be back and that the whole glee club travels to New York for nationals. Duh. But we just got word on a juicy hookup and a blossoming new friendship that’ll happen on tonight’s ep and we’re pretty sure you want to know the deets…

So scroll down for 3 things to know about tonight’s “Nationals!”

1. There will be lots of drama! At least that’s what Chord Overstreet told E! Online: “There might be a little bit of Finchel. There might be a little bit of drama between Quinn and Rachel. There might be a little bit of old flames lighting up again. Who knows?” Oh, and PS, we hear that Finchel share a kiss, too!
2. There will be lots of songs. 9, to be exact! A typical ep of Glee has 6 songs max, but this one’s Nationals and it’s clearly about the music. Oh, and three of them are original songs! They are:

“I Love New York (Madonna)/New York, New York (from On The Town)” – New Directions
“Bella Note” (from Lady & The Tramp) – Sam, Artie, Puck
“For Good” (From Wicked the Musical) – Rachel & Kurt
“As Long as You’re There” (Original Song) – Sunshine
“Pretending” (Original Song) – Rachel & Finn
“Light Up The World” (Original Song) – New Directions
“Yeah!” (Usher) – Female Competitive Group
“Still Got Tonight” (Matthew Morrison) – Will
“My Cup” (Original Song) – Brittany & Artie
3. Sunshine and Rachel become friends! In our interview with Charice (which will be up later today!), she told us that Sunshine and Rachel share a very special moment. Does that mean no more rivalry between these two shining stars?!

Oh, and watch a clip of the gleeks singing “New York, New York” in, uh, New York below:

Are you excited for Nationals? Do you think New Directions will win? What are you most excited for on tonight’s episode — the music? Charice? Finchel’s impending kiss?! To the comments you go, gleeks!