Everything You Need To Know About Tonight’s Return of Glee! (Video)

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We’ve been waiting just about a month for tonight’s episode of Glee, called “Pot O’ Gold,” and all we’re saying is that it better be good. The last thing us gleeks need is another episode of Glee that sucks, amirite? So in honor of the first new ep of the show in weeks, here’s everything you need to know about it, including the songs, the plot, and, ya know, other important stuff.

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1. Damian McGinty — aka that cute little Irish dude from The Glee Project — makes his debut tonight, and, um, let’s just say he’s kind of got a thing for Brittany… Plus, his character Rory will have two solos, including one by… Kermit?!
2. Blaine and the rest of New Directions will be covering Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” (P.S. You can watch the whole performance right here!)
3. Mercedes is going to try to get some of the girls in New Directions to join Shelby’s new glee club. And we have a feeling she’ll be using this song to do it…
4. Puck is going to try to get Quinn (and their baby, Beth?) back, and will even serenade her with the song, “Waiting for a Girl Like You.” We’re swooning already.
5. Trouty Mouth is coming back! But wait, uh, that’s not until Episode 8. Our bad.

Anyway, check out more deets on tonight’s ep in the video below:

Are you going to watch Glee tonight (8pm on FOX)? Do you think the ep will be really great or really disappointing? Are you excited to see Damian on the show? The comments are calling!