Tonight on Glee: Brittany Totally Outs Santana!

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Juuuust kidding, gleeks. But we had you there for a second, didn’t we? Didn’t we?! Tonight’s Glee episode is called “Rumors” so, well, Santana’s big rumor/secret could be coming to a head, but what we’re talking about is Brittany telling Tina and Mercedes that she “plays for the other team” during a chat on her internet talk show, “Fondue for Two.” It’s sort of like a web spin-off version of Glee with Brittany as the star and we’re kind of lovin’ it.

So, before tonight’s new episode, watch the first ep of “Fondue for Two!” It’s full of one-liners galore…

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Ha! Do you think Mercedes and Tina knowing Santana’s secret will play into the show?