Glee Preview: 3 Things To Know About Tonight’s “Funeral”

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If you couldn’t tell from the title of tonight’s Glee, somebody’s gonna die. And as we’ve previously reported, it’s not going to be a pet this time, but a real live (pardon the pun) human whose death will apparently shake up the entire glee club. Sad face.

But other than the impending death, what else is happening on tonight’s episode?!

1. The gleeks will be signing these songs:
“Try A Little Tenderness” – Mercedes
“My Man” – Rachel
“Pure Imagination” – New Directions
“Some People” – Kurt
“Back to Black” – Santana
2. The death will be “really sad.” Thanks, Jenna Ushkowitz. Also, we know the person who dies is not a member of New Directions and said person is a female. Phew that it’s not Mr. Schue.
3. Jesse St. James will coach New Directions! And, according to this clip, Jesse will help Mr. Schuester coach the gleeks as they move onto Nationals. But we bet Mr. Jesse’s got something up his sleeve. Again. Watch it below!

Do you think Jesse’s actually on the New Directions’ side this time? Who do you think will die?! Spill all your predictions in the comments!