Tonight on Glee: What We Already Know About “Blame It On the Alcohol” That You Should Too

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6 words: Rachel Berry house party trainwreck extravaganza. That’s basically the premise of tonight’s Glee episode, “Blame It on the Alcohol,” and from what we know about the episode, the gleeks are going to get more than just a little tipsy at Rachel’s epic house party. And no, we’re pretty sure they’re not going to be drinking spiked slushies…

Click on for 5 must-know things about tonight’s all-new episode!

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1.They’re singing these songs:
“Blame it on the Alcohol” (Jamie Foxx) – New Directions
“One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” (George Thorogood) – Will & Bieste
“Tik Tok” (Kesha) – New Directions (which you can listen to here!)
“Don’t You Want Me” (Human League) – Rachel & Blaine
2. Rachel and Blaine make out during a game of spin the bottle. We’re not exactly sure how intense their makeout sesh is going to be, but we do know that it could be so intense that it turns Blaine straight. Or at least bisexual…
3. Principal Figgins teaches the students a little somethin’ somethin’ about underage drinking, but it’s actually some McKinley high teachers — we’re not naming names — who could use a lesson in why it’s not good to drink too much.
4. Rachel’s dads go away on vacay, hence her crazy idea for a party, and we finally get to find out a little bit more about the Berry fam. Albeit most of what we find out is their decorating taste, but whatevs. We’ll take it.
5. Mr. Schuester and Coach Bieste are going to have a “little fun of their own” at Rachel’s bash. We don’t think that means they’ll have another liplock, but when alcohol’s involved? Never say never!

Oh and also? Heather Morris is a dead ringer for Ke$ha, it’s almost creepy.

What do you think will happen on tonight’s Glee? Which song are you most excited to see performed? Tell us in the comments, gleeks!