Glee Preview: Whose Solo Is More Impressive, Brittany’s or Mercedes’? (Videos)

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Good news, gleeksies! Tonight’s episode of Glee entitled “Asian F” will have lots of good music. No more of that Broadway bull! Well, JK, there’s some of that, but there’s also Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson, and a lovely rendition of “Run the World” from Brittany Pierce. Plus, we hear there’s going to be a diva-off with Mercedes and Rachel. Bring it, girls!

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And guess what else? We’ve got a first look at tonight’s bound-to-be-epic performances — one from Mercedes, one is that Beyonce thing we just mentioned — and we think it’s safe to say tonight’s ep will be the best of season 3 thus far. Take a look!

Are you excited for the ep? Who do you think will win in the diva-off — Mercedes, Rachel…or Britt? Tell us in the comments, and tune into the ep tonight at 8pm on Fox!