‘Glee’ Preview: Are Finn and Santana — Gasp! — Together?!

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Finchel fans, look away. Like, seriously, stop reading now. We just saw this pic of Finn (Cory Monteith) and Santana (Naya Rivera) from next week’s ep of Glee, called “A Very Glee Christmas,” and things are not looking good for Rachel (Lea Michele). Here, we see Santana and Finn topping the New Directions Christmas tree — and probably killing poor Rachi while they’re at it. They look so happy!

But we want your predictions! Do you think, from the looks of this pic, Finntana (we’re making that work) is a possibility in the near future? Or is Finn just using her to rebound from his broken little heart?

Do you want to see Finn and Santana together? Or are you Team Rachel? Tell us, gleeks!