Lunchtime Poll: Is Glee Going Too Heavy on the Hummel?

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Personally we think that Glee can do no wrong, but one reviewer got us thinking. TV Guide goes out on a limb today, claiming that the show seems to be all-Kurt, all the time. “[Glee] used to be about an idealistic teacher trying to help a group of misfits find their voice through show choir. Now it’s all about a kid who is bullied at a school.” (Um, isn’t also all about our new favorite crush?) OK, we get what they’re saying: Glee has definitely focused a lot on Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) gay bullying storyline, but who’s complaining? It’s super relevant and Chris is selling it every episode. (We smell a second Emmy nom.)

But what do you think? Are you loving the New Direction (lol) Glee is going, or do you wish the show was less drama and more music? Tell us in the comments, and cast your vote in today’s lunchtime poll!