Lunchtime Poll: Which Gleek Had the Best Solo This Week?

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So, this week’s all-new episode of Glee? It was all about the power ballads. And, well, it was kind of also about Mr. Schue’s love life and Rachel’s continual quest to be a huge star, but the music! Those voices! That was clearly the biggest part of “Night of Neglect.” But with so many amazing solo performances, we can’t choose which one was our fave!

So let’s recap and then you’ll help us decide, mmkay?!

Ok, so firstly, of course, there was Sunshine, aka Charice, who belted out Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” in an attempt to get the McKinley kids to let her sing at their fundraiser with her. Success.

Next, we had Tina sing the Lykke Li song “I Follow Rivers,” only for a brief few seconds, but seriously? Girl can sing. We need to see (and hear!) more of her throughout the rest of the season, please!

Then came Holly Holiday aka Gwyneth Paltrow‘s solo, the moving and ah-mazing rendition of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Seriously, we almost cried.

And lastly? Miss Mercedes killed it singing Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” And that sparkly dress alone is enough to make us vote for her..

So which solo was the best? Vote below and tell us who you picked in the comments!