Glee-For-All: The Most O-M-Glee Stories Of The Week!

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Even though the show is (still!) on hiatus, that doesn’t mean Glee is MIA. Because this entire week was basically leading up to today’s mega huge release of an indie flick you may have heard of, Glee: The 3D Movie. Winning a bunch of Teen Choice Awards, attending red carpet premieres, releasing spoilers for season 3, the gleeks were all over the freakin’ place. No complaints here though. Obvs.

Click on to see what else the gleeksies are up to these days!

1. Most of the Glee clan was at the Teen Choice Awards and they went home with quite a few surfboards. Check out all the red carpet pics!
2. Not sure which surfboards the gleeks won exactly? Check out our full list of all the Teen Choice Awards 2011 winners. Ps Yay Cory!
3. Glee: The 3D Movie is now officially in theaters, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner got to interview the cast at the red carpet premiere. Jealous. What do you think of the interview?
4. And BTW, we’re gleekin’ excited for the flick. Here’s 10 reasons why we’re pumped!
5. Oh, and we’re also excited for the Glee movie soundtrack! Check out the tracklist and a live stream right here.
6. And if you’re too cheap broke to buy it? We’re giving away the CD to 5 lucky winners. Enter now!
7. Mercedes is getting a hot new boyfriend next season! Do you recognize him from another famous show?
8. And speaking of spoilers, there’s TONS more where that came from! Who’s coming back? Who’s coming out? Find out!

What was your fave Glee story of the week? Are you going to see the movie this weekend? To the comments you go!