Who Deserved to Be Kissed On “Glee”?

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Spoiler alert! It seems like last night’s episode of Glee was called “Never Been Kissed” for a reason! Aside from the amazing songs and mashups on last night’s episode, we really must say that the storyline is what really made it amazing.

We know that Coach Beiste (Dot Jones) was lucky enough to snag her first kiss from Mr. Schue (swoon!) in a heartfelt encounter in the locker room and Kurt (Chris Colfer) got his very first peck from super macho football player Dave Karofsky (were you as shocked as we were?!), but we wanna know, which hookups do you wanna see on Glee?

Rachel and Jacob? Finn and Quinn (again)? Mercedes and anyone? Mr. Schue and Sue? Ha! Tell us your dream Glee hookup below!