O-M-Glee! This Song Is All The Proof We Need That Finchel 2.0 Is Officially a Go

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Sad that Finchel is dunzo forever? Upset that Finn’s back with Quinn even though it’s so blatantly obvious that Rachel is like, his high school soul mate?! Have no fear, gleeks. Because Rachel and Finn will be singing a very romantic duet — not to mention it’s another original song! — during next week’s “Regionals” episode of Glee and it’s basically confirmation that they’re on their way back to couplehood. Woohoo!

Don’t you agree? Take a listen to the song, “Pretending,” here, and tell us what you think about it!

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And remember when Quinn said that Finn can’t duet with Rachel if they’re still together? Well, now Finn’s dueting with Rachel and yeah, we rest our case. Oh, AND we hear from a Glee inside source that Finchel share a smooch after regionals!

Do you like this song? Do you hope Finchel gets back together?! To the comments you go!