Glee is Coming Out With Its Own Nail Polish Line: Like or Dislike?

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Glee is taking a cue from Justin Bieber, but unforch it isn’t by devoting an episode to his greatest hits. The show is teaming up with OPI to launch a gleeful nail polish collection that will be featured on the February 8th eppie and will hit stores next month.

BUZZ: How to get nailed by Justin Bieber!

Click for details about the nail colors! Hint: One’s called “Who Let the Dorks Out.” Brill!

The colors include: “Slushied” is an opaque blue, “Hell to the No” is a a bold purple, “Gleek Out” is a a lime, glittery green, “Diva-in-Training” is a poppy pink, “Who Let the Dorks Out” is a peacock green, “Miss Bossy Pants” is a rich raspberry, and “Mash-Up” is a pearlescent green gray.

A mini set will feature limited edition colors including “Celibacy Club,” a glimmering, diamond top coat; “Express Yourself to Yourself,” a coral shimmer shade, and “Sue Vs Shue,” a navy blue.

They’ll be available exclusively at Sephora.com and Sephora stores nationwide.

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