Glee’s Max Adler: Chris Colfer Is Not a Bad Kisser! (Exclusive)

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Who said it’s bad to kiss and tell? Not Max Adler, the guy who plays the closeted gay bully jock Dave Karofsky on Glee. He had no problem recounting, play by play, his kiss with the Golden Globe-winning Chris Colfer! We had the chance to hang out with him at a Golden Globes party where he came clean on what kissing Chris was like.

Read on to find out what Max had to say about kissing a Golden Globe winner!

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“It took about 15 to 20 takes and it wasn’t bad at all,” he told us.

Not bad at all? Oh come on, we need more than that!

“It felt right in the scene! It went off really really well. Everyone on set was really supportive and really mature and everyone had our backs this so it was pretty easy! We just kind of went for it! And I think it meant for a really memorable scene.”

We also asked the 25-year-old what it’s like to pay a high schooler again.

“It kinda opens your mind again to the world and how you saw it in high school. I loved high school. I was really involved in drama club and show choir and student government and plays. I had a really good time. I thought high school was my world — my be all and end all. So it’s funny to look back and about how trivial it all can be once you graduate, but when you’re in there, it’s the most important thing. But now you see there are more important things.”

Like going to fun Golden Globes parties?

“Yea, I actually just texted Josh Sussman (aka the hilarious Glee guest Jacob Ben Israel), trying to figure out where he was at this party. It’s a big mansion.”

Yeah, post high school isn’t so bad, is it?